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Classes and Prices

Level 1 Basic Sugaring Certification Course: $499 

A one day 4-6 hour class. 

Students will learn the basic fundamentals of sugaring. This class focuses on legs, arms, basic brow and face sugaring. 

  • Hands on experience

  • Paste method (ball method)

  • Stick method

  • Strip method

  • Signed Certificate of Completion

  • Starter Kit included in cost

Bring a model** to work on (any area except for Bikini/Brazilian). Legs, Back, Chest and Arms are best for learning since they are larger areas to practice on. Grace will be demonstrating how to do the paste method (or ball method) where you roll on a piece of sugar with your hand and flick it off (like hard wax). In this sugaring class, she will also demonstrate the stick method and strip method. This class will cover the basics of sugaring. You will gain enough experience in this class to start introducing sugaring to your clients. Speed and proficiency will come with more and more practice. All products will be supplied for the class. Each student will leave with a signed certificate of completion.

**Models can be friends, family members, your clients- someone who would like complimentary sugaring.

Level 2: Full Face / Brow Sugaring & Shaping: $275 (3.5 hours)

The most intimidating area for new sugarists! Learn how to manipulate your sugar and shape brows like a pro. We have tons of tricks and techniques to help you give your clients beautiful, symmetric brows without sticky, messy wax! This is an advanced course for certified sugarists only. 

Level 3 The Art of the Brazilian & Bikini Sugaring: $275 (4 hours)

The Brazilian in the Buff is our most requested service! You will learn how to safely and effectively remove all bikini hair from front to back, while causing the least discomfort to your client. This is an advanced course for certified sugarists only. ​

One on One Training: $100/hour

Are you already certified, but having trouble with certain areas? Getting stuck? Not improving your timing? Bruising clients? Or just not feeling confident enough to transition out of waxing and into sugaring? This may be the best course for you! Bring in your hairiest models and lets get you sugaring! Don’t let these issues intimidate you, chances are you just need your technique freshened up and you’ll be on your way to being a successful body sugarist!

Advanced Sugar Shaping: $275 (2 hours)

Are your customers requesting landing strips, letters, V's, lighting bolts or hearts (our #1 request). Additionally some customers would like to dye their pubic hairs to match, brown, black, pink, blue and purple too. This is a two hour class where  shaping ad coloring are covered to promote add on services in your salons.

Vadazzle Design Application: $275 (2 hours)

Vadazzles must be applied to clean, smooth, hairless skin.  Grace and her team will teach you the application art form to get perfect placement the very first time. Vadazzles offer another high profit margin service to your salon.  Check out our selection offered on

Here are the upcoming classes:

Level 1: Into to Sugaring:

4 Hour Course

Beginners Sugar Class, Sugar Lash Salon, Indialantic, Florida or Virtual


Level 2: Full Face and Brow Sugaring

3.5 Hour Course

Intermediate Sugar Class, Sugar Lash Salon, Indialantic, Florida or Virtual

Level 3: The Art of the Brazilian & Bikini Sugaring

4 Hour Course

Advanced Sugar Class, Sugar Lash Salon, Indialantic, Florida or Virtual

Level 2/3: Combined Advanced Sugaring Class

5 Hour Course

Advanced Sugar Class, Sugar Lash Salon, Indialantic, Florida or Virtual

(Female and Male Brazilian Sugaring, Brow Shaping and Full Face Sugaring)

Sugaring Classes: About The Spa
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