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Grace J Power and her team use our hand made, all natural, made in the USA, My Gold Sugar pastes, toners and powders. 


We offer six flavors of sugar.  

**All of our products are available for purchase at discounted vendor prices on our online store

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Sugar Warmer

Sugar Warmer

For Professionals

Designed for Sugar

Designed for Sugar

Basin is 5"x5"x5" and holds ALL My Gold Sugar size containers.

Ideal for Estheticians.

Ideal for Estheticians.

Multi-Taskers and Busy Salons



All Digital with Temperature Memory!

Our newest Single and Double Sugar Warmers Are HERE

Double Warmer
Digital Temperature Display

Lash Shampoo Kits

Perfect for Lash Extension Aftercare

DIY Sugaring Kits

Perfect for the at home beginning Sugar

Salon Sugar Kit

Designed for professionals to start Sugaring TODAY.

Exclusive My Gold Sugar Products

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Soft Sugar

Soft is best for fine hair on cooler body areas. It will not work very well on hot spots of the body, like bikini and underarms because it melts easier.

Medium-Soft Sugar

Medium-Soft will also get the finer hairs but will not melt as easy so you can use it on people who are a little warmer in temperature. I like this one for facial hair because faces are usually a bit warmer than arms and legs so the Soft can get a bit too melty. The Medium-Soft keeps it’s firmness better on the face and still gets the fine hairs better than the firmer sugars.


Medium Sugar

Medium is a good one to use if someone only wants to use one in their treatment room and they are doing all areas of the body. It can be warmed a bit more to get the finer hairs and used without warming for the hot spots like Brazilians and underarms.

Medium-Firm Sugar

Medium-Firm is my personal favorite for doing Brazilians. It keeps it’s firmness so it’s less likely to get stuck on hot spots of the body. It also is still soft enough to get some of the blond hairs on the bikini area.


Firm Sugar

Firm works best for hot spots of the body. If someone is mainly using the sugar for bikini and brazilians, this would be the one to use because it will keep it’s firmness even on clients who get really hot and sweaty during the service. It doesn’t work as good getting the fine hairs. It would still work on brows but it might be challenging to use on the upper lip. I always recommend this one for people who are first learning the sugaring technique because it won’t melt as easy. Once they get the technique down, they usually graduate to Medium-Firm.

Pure Gold Professional

This is a new sugar consistency that works great for professional sugaring. It goes on smoothly with less hair pulling. It molds faster and is more effective pulling out the hair. It is a softer sugar that can be used on the entire body and face. Professionals can use it for repeat customers on Brazilians and underarms. Someone newer to sugaring will need a Firmer sugar and you may want a Firmer sugar for first time Brazilian clients or clients who are sweating a lot. Otherwise, this sugar is it. It's really all you need.

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myPinkWink Bleaching Cream

myPink Wink Cream is specifically formulated for anal bleaching. Due to it’s gentle and effective ingredients, this product is safe to use on any darker colored area of the body. It works to fade the pigment of nipples, underarms, knees, elbows, inner thighs, and age spots on hands and face. My Pink Wink Cream does not contain hydroquinone. It is safe to use on the entire pubic area on women and men

Ultimate Sugar Warmer

Tired of trying to use your wax warmer and making mess?  Our Ultimate sugar wamer is made for sugar and is perfect for all My Gold Sugar Jars. Sugar should only be warmed to just above body temperature - around 105 F / 40 C.


Our Family of products

Our sugars and bleaching creams are all available at

Vaginal / Anal Bleaching Kit

This one of a kind kit includes all of the products and tools we use at My Gold Sugar to do anal and vaginal bleaching services along with our step by step procedure list. Enough supplies to get started with 20 clients and 50 areas. Kit Includes:

  • Microneedle Therapy Pen

  • 20 needle tips

  • My Pink Wink Cream

  • TCA Peel (10%)

  • Lactic Cleanser

  • Gloves

  • Gauze Squares

  • Popsicle Sticks

  • Lollipop

Refill on any item at Wholesale available.

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