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@ Your Location Training & Certification

Grace & My Gold Sugar comes to YOU!

Do you have a salon or studio staff you would like trained? Not in the mood to travel? There are times when it is just easier to stay in your space and have the training come to you.   Grace and My Gold Sugar offer training in your space.  

We offer all of our classes and can provide all kits and products for you and your staff.

How does it work?

We are able to ship kits from our warehouse and then fly/drive to your location.  

Depending on timing and number of staff to be trained it is usually a 3 day / two night trip.

Cost will be different for each training based on number of people and travel expenses.  Please call so we can put a proposal together for your training needs. 

Below is a sample schedule of past training trips completed.

Day 1

Grace will fly in the day before training and ensure all kits and studio/salon space is ready.

Meet and greet with your staff and access local market trends and competition to help guide your local market pricing.

Day 2

Morning Session: Introduction to Sugaring - Level 1 Training.

Break for Lunch

After lunch, continue hands on training with your local models**

Congratulations - Level 1 will be completed.

Coffee/Tea Break 

Afternoon Session: Level II Brow/Face Training or Level III Brazilian (male available with notice) depending on your market and preference

Day 3 (optional)

Morning Session of additional Level II/III training or Intimate Skin Bleaching certification

@ Your Location Training: About The Spa
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